California Beach Sand

Volleyball Courts, Playgrounds, Landscaping, and More!

While our white playsand is wonderfully suited for indoor use, many large outdoor volleyball courts and industrial buyers seek the natural, multi-colored sand found on a California beach. Safe Sand Company offers responsibly harvested beach sand (never crushed — always harvested in its natural state) for volleyball courts and outdoor use. This soft, very low-dust sand is popular with schools, playgrounds, and parks, and ideal for volleyball courts, landscaping, surfacing, sports arenas, aquariums, and more!

Beach Volleyball: Practice On The Real Thing!

Safe Sand Beach Sand is delivered to your court directly from California beaches, the motherland of the sport! This sand is naturally multicolored and variegated, soft on knees, elbows and all exposed skin. Generations of beach volleyball players have trained on this sand, and because it is naturally very low-dust it is also ideal for indoor courts where air quality is especially important.

Purchasing Options

  • 25 Pound Box of Natural Beach Sand (Delivered)

  • One Ton (2000 pounds) of Natural Beach Sand – LOCAL PICKUP

  • Full Truck (40,000 pounds) of Natural Beach Sand – LOCAL PICKUP

  • Volleyball Court Load (166 tons, or 332,000 pounds) of Natural Beach Sand – LOCAL PICKUP


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