Safe Sand Company

Our Mission

The mission of Safe Sand Company is to:

  • Supply safe, natural and environmentally sustainable sand for public use.
  • Raise awareness of the hazards of exposure to silica dust and other pollutants.
  • Advocate for the use of safe sand in playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, and for surfacing.
  • Empower communities to switch from sand containing silica dust to safety-tested sand.
Safe Sand Company

The Company

Safe Sand Company is a family-owned business created by a mom who could not find a source of safety-tested, delivered playsand. Safe Sand Company was founded in 2001 to provide an alternative to unsafe children’s play sand. The company now provides different grades of sand for various uses: indoor and outdoor sandboxes, playgrounds, parks, sports facilities, surfacing and landscaping.

As the company has grown, so has its commitment to spreading the word on the dangers of exposure to silica dust and advocating for the switch to safe, natural sand in public spaces.


Creative Child Magazine: Creative Child Awards - 2021 Product of the Year Award

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