Natural Beach Sand

  • 25 Pound Box of Natural Beach Sand (Delivery Included)


Natural Beach Sand

Volleyball Courts, Playgrounds, Landscaping, and More!

Natural Beach Sand Safe Sand beach sand is wonderfully suited for both indoor and outdoor use; many large outdoor volleyball courts and industrial buyers seek the natural, multi-colored sand made from nature. Safe Sand Company offers washed and sifted beach sand (never crushed — always harvested in its natural state) for volleyball courts and outdoor use. Although beach sand is tiny rocks which do contain crystalline silica, the natural formation and washing means it does not contain inhalable crystalline silica dust. Our fine sand sifts through the fingers easily leaving no dusty residue.

  • Please note that due to the makeup of natural sand a minuscule amount of dust may result from the grains of sand rubbing together in transportation. With proper drainage a sprinkling of water settles this dust, which will not recur. It is always important to avoid inhalation of crystalline silica dust.
  • Be sure to COVER your sand to prevent animals from contamination.
  • Good drainage and allowing the sand to completely dry out will keep it fresh for regular play.

Beach Volleyball: Practice On The Real Thing!

Safe Sand Natural Beach Sand is delivered to your court directly packed in 3000lb totes on a pallet.  Beach volleyball competitions occur on natural sand so train on the real thing! This sand is naturally multicolored and variegated, soft on knees, elbows and all exposed skin. Generations of beach volleyball players have trained on natural sand, and because it is safety-tested it is ideal for indoor courts where air quality is especially important.

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  • 25 Pound Box of Natural Beach Sand (Delivery Included)


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